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Personal Care Vs Self Care – What’s the Difference?

Personal care, self care… you’ve heard the terms batted around, and maybe even used interchangeably. But, they are quite different, really. Knowing the difference is good for knowing their applications, and also for knowing which you need, and at what time.

Self care and personal care are actually very different, and, it turns out, self care is bigger and at least as important as personal care. Personal care is a part of self care, but self care is much bigger in scope and impact on your personal well being.

Personal care refers to things like toiletries. We’re talking everything from soap to toilet paper, to makeup wipes. This is stuff that people purchase and usually keep in the bathroom or linen closet. You use these items for your hygiene care routine. A personal care assistant is a person that might be hired to help an elderly or incapacitated person deal with his or her personal hygiene.

This is a bigger picture: busy people might not have time for self care, but chances are they take care of their personal hygiene needs. It’s not the same. Self care can be anything from taking a moment to breathe, meditate, or read a good book, to booking a week long spa vacation to de-stress. It is about taking a break to tend to holistic wellness.

Unfortunately, people often consider personal care more of a priority. But they are actually equally important. Even activities that can be done in a short time can make a lot of difference in your day and well being. You might not have time for a big vacation. But you can take 30 seconds to clear your mind, release stress, and drink some water. They all matter.

When we attend to caring for our whole being, we are more healthy overall, confident, and even successful. Here are some examples of ways to bring yourself to better holistic wellness in a short time:

    • Breathe. Pay attention to your breathing, and consciously slow it down and breathe fuller, more complete and deep breaths. Repeat three times, and then check in with yourself about how much calmer and focused you are.
    • Hold your hands and arms up above your head for 30 seconds. This posture has been scientifically proven to increase an optimistic and confident feeling in people going in to job interviews. What will it do for you?
    • Eat mindfully. Instead of hurrying through a meal, chew each bite mindfully. Experience the texture, the taste, and the way the healthy food you are eating makes you feel.
  • Practice gratitude. Think of five things you are grateful for right now. Write them down. Read them aloud. Feel how good it feels to have these things. A grateful attitude helps bring more blessings into your life. You can’t be grateful and frustrated, angry, or hopeless at the same time. Let gratitude become your daily attitude.


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